Icelandic Sheepdogs

Ævör Valentínsdagur Trygg Vinur

Father: NHSB 3050531Askur Eskilsson Saeldarlifs
Mother: NHSB 3038876Ayla Gáfa Högnisdóttir Trygg Vinur

Born: 2019-02-14

Colour: cremesable with white

Inbreeding: 21.8% (Dogs Global)
Meankinship/Green list:21.3% (Dogs Global)

 Ævör has a long coat with a beautiful tail. She is 46 cm high, so a nice big bitch with double claws at the back. HD B, ED 0 without comment, eyes without comment.

An alert dog that barks to guard its territoty but is easy to stop. A  human and child- friendly dog with a slightly higher energy level and therefore finds everthing you offer her fun and interesting.She is very good at scent and search games,wild tracks and agilty. She is always ready to play. 

Ran several shows, got 1st and 2nd places, very good, hp and always excellent and she is Nordic show champion Sweden.

Extensive Embark test (DNA) from de USA, she is 100% Icelandic.

A guiet dog in the house that likes to lie with you.

Joneshill's Esja Eldursdottir

Father: SE14551/2018 SE UCH DK UCH NO UCH SE VCH
Eldur StrengursonKopieccy Poland
Mother:NSE39606/2014Ellringslätts Bessa

Born: 2020-06-09

Inbreeding: 20.2% (Dogs Global)
Meankinship Green list:21.1% (Dogs Global)

Esja has a semi-long coat and is 43 cm high.

Double claws at the back, HD grade B, ED 0 without comment, eyes without comment. 

Not a barker.

She also has an extensive embarktest (DNA)from de USA, she is 100% Icelandic.

She has done the BPH test with shot and is very good in wild tracking.

A sweet,calm dog who loves everyone, with a low energy level.

She especially has a bond with children who are sick and then seeks them out to lie down with them,

Ran several shows with her where she achieved 2nd or 3nd places, very good, hp and almost always excellent.

In short: an easely, traineble and very sweet dog.

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