Danish Spitz

Thyra. Pedigree name Kira

DKX REG03519/2023

SKK REG AS36601/2023

Born: 2023-03-19

Colour: Biscuit

Father: JubiisPrins Pluto

DKX REG13559/2020

Mother: Laica

DKX REG08924/2021 


We have had a Danish Spitz in the kennel since 2023.

This is a breed of which there are not many registered dogs.

When it was discovered that this breed was almost extinct, there were only 16 pure Danish Spitz, which they started breeding again in Danmark.

Breeding takes place under strict supervision from the DKK(Danish Kennel Klub)

When Thyra is 2 years old she will be inspected in Danmark and I can therefore get permission to breed with her. When Thyra is 3 years old, a male will be searched for her by the DKK, to breed a litter with her, as low inbreeding as possible.

So everything is still exciting for the future.

Currently there are about 500 registered in Denmark and 10 in Sweden.

Thyra is a lovely dog ​​with a cheerful yodel.

She is curious and wants to please.The training is also very easy because she is very focused on you. The first show I walked with her she right away became BIR (Best in Breed Welp). She walks along perfectly in the pack and is very friendly to people and animals. We are very happy with this breed. She has a nice, friendly character.

We hope that we can contribute to rebuilding this breed.