Why did I start a kennel, I was asked.
Well ..... we searched for a long time which dog we wanted when we emigrated to Sweden. Of course it should be an arctic dog. The Icelandic Sheepdog really appealed to us because of its character, size and appearance. The choice was made.
My first Icelander was a black and white male who unfortunately was never allowed to come and live with us. He was only 9 weeks old when he died. How sad I was. The same breeder gave me the choice of her next litter and that became a blond bitch. I promised the breeder to breed a litter with her and ..... I go for 100%. When she was the right age, a good male was sought. I want to breed as pure as possible to contribute to the breed, so green dogs with a low Meankinship and an as low as possible inbreeding. Requested a kennel name and my first litter was born. Vináttuna means "the friendship" and that's what you really get from these wonderfull dogs and I want to pass that with my dogs.